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Save Money with Used Kitchen Cabinets

The phrase "used kitchen cabinets" brings to mind cabinets that have been torn out of a old house, and set aside for someone to possibly use in their workshop or garage.

You have probably seen the car commercials that advertise "certified pre-owned" cars. These cars are used and cost less than a new car, but are supposedly in almost new condition. There are used kitchen cabinets available that are similar to those "certified pre-owned" cars, you just need to know where to look.

Where to find Used Kitchen Cabinets

Home builders are constantly changing their model homes to make them new and up to date with the latest styles. If you walk through a model home park this year, and the same model park is around a year from now, there is a good chance that there may have been many changes inside the model homes.

Builders use kitchens to showcase their homes, they know the kitchen is often the first place prospective buyers look. The vendors the builder uses also know the kitchen is the showcase of their products, and they want their latest styles on display. These vendors include cabinet manufacturers, appliance companies, and flooring companies. Most of the cabinets in these kitchens have been installed but never used, and when they are removed they go several places.

  • Back to the cabinet company where they are sold as used kitchen cabinets
  • Sold by the builder
  • Given to charities to be sold

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel, but find new cabinets to be cost prohibitive, or just want to save some money to use elsewhere, take some time to look for used kitchen cabinets. You may find enough used, but not abused, cabinets to do most, if not all of your kitchen.

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